LB Foster Rail Products

Bonded Insulated Joints

To place an order for any of our insulated rail joint products, please contact: 1-800-255-4500


Factory Assembled

  • Epoxy bonded with high integrity TEMPRANGE® II epoxy for long life
  • Full-contact, micro alloy joint bar
  • Assembled to specified length, up to 60' long
  • Available in worn rail/transition rail configurations
  • Assembled with A-490 bolts or huck pins (6 or 8)
  • Ultra long life ENDURA-JOINT® with Aramid insulation also available

Bonded Insulated Joint Kits

  • Long life, high performance - available as insulated or non-insulated (bonded standard) with 4, 6 or 8 hole configurations
  • Furnished complete with pre-measured epoxy, solvents, bolts, nuts, insulated bars and end post
  • Available in bulk packaging
  • Available for most rail sections (AREMA, UIC, etc.)
  • High toe clearance designs can be furnished

Please click here for a complete Allegheny Rail Products reference guide. pdf