LB Foster Rail Products

Engineering and Testing


Engineering Services

L.B. Foster Transit Product's engineering and product development capabilities may be summarized as follows:

  • Product design and development
  • Product evaluation and testing
  • Comprehensive mechanical testing laboratory
  • In-house 3D modeling and finite element analysis capability
  • Ongoing applied research on track components and new materials in track applications
  • Capability of custom designing a product from concept to functional product based on customer needs

Testing Services

Transit Products testing laboratory was developed specifically for the needs of the transit and railroad industries. We serve transit agencies, system designers, transit system contractors and suppliers of products used in transit systems.

The laboratory can perform a wide range of product tests through static loading, structural fatigue, electrical and environmental simulations. Employing state-of-the-art equipment, our trained personnel can help you determine the durability and effectiveness of components or systems under simulated field conditions. Structural testing facilities include closed loop force control systems that can mimic static and dynamic cyclic loading.

Each test system consists of mainframes, hydraulic actuators, force transducers and monitoring instrumentation.

The actuators can be manually or automatically controlled by an external source which can be programmed to provide virtually any loading or cycling. Monitoring facilities include a dynamic display console, hard copy data printing and continuous strip chart recording.

These allow the laboratory to capture extensive and accurate data over extended time periods. With these facilities, the Transit Products testing laboratory has performed major programs of static, fatigue and wear testing. We have tested power rail, direct fixation fasteners, two-block ties, embedded track and ballasted track components.

Electrical testing facilities include both AC and DC test equipment capable of testing conductivity and insulating ability of a wide variety of electrical components and systems.

The DC equipment is capable of test voltages up to 15,000 volts, with current capacities within 4.6 milliamps. DC resistance tests can be run over the entire range from 1 microhm to 200 million ohms.

Tests that have been performed include: AC and DC resistance, high voltage flashover, current flow and many other customized electrical testing. Environmental testing capabilities include heat aging, cooling, water absorption and salt spray.

Let Transit Products' test engineers study your design verification requirements and develop a test plan to meet your needs.

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