LB Foster Rail Products


L.B. Foster Company can supply various types of frogs including:

  • Spring-rail Frogs – may be used in main track where traffic is predominantly on the main-track side of the frog. May be used in yard tracks, but only when rigid frogs are not available.

  • Rail-bound Manganese Steel Frogs – shall be used on heavy traffic lines where traffic is approximately equal on both sides of the frog.

  • Solid Manganese Flat Top Steel Frogs – may be used as alternative to rail-bound manganese steel frogs.

  • Self Guarded Solid Manganese Frogs – shall be used in yard tracks. May be used in main tracks where speed does not exceed 30 mph. Note: Guard rails may be used with self-guarded frogs when conditions justify.

  • Bolted Rigid Frogs – may be used in yard and industry tracks where traffic is light on both sides of the frog, but only when self-guarded frogs are not available, or when desirable to utilize available secondhand frogs.