LB Foster Rail Products

Switches and accessories

L.B. Foster Company can supply non-reinforced, single reinforced and double reinforced switches designed to carry light, moderate or heavy traffic. Switches and accessory items listed below are those most commonly specified. Most of these comply with AREMA and industrial specifications and designs can be modified to meet any requirement.

  • 16’ 6” double-reinforced AREMA plan 112 – this heavy-duty switch complies with American Railroad Engineering Maintenance-of-Way Association specifications for 90 lb. rail and heavier and is suitable for mainline use.
  • L.B. Foster standard turnout – the L.B. Foster standard turnout is designed for heavy duty service at the lowest possible cost with simple installation.
  • Solid manganese self guarded frogs, straight split switches, 4’ - 8 1/2" gauge — 90# rail and heavier.
  • Switch stands.
  • Switch point guard.
  • Switch heel block assembly.
  • Switch gauge plate with rigid or adjustable braces.
  • Adjustable combination solid riser slide plate; combination solid riser slide plate and rigid brace; combination welded plate and rigid brace.
  • Guard rail and switch rods.
  • Adjustable side jaw clip; single hole side jaw clip and rocker clips with insulated vertical switch rods.