LB Foster Rail Products

Transition and Restraining

  • Transition Rails
    Transition and compromise transition rails are specially manufactured track components that allow the safe and efficient connection of two different rail sections. Normally transition rails are used to connect new rail to rail of a different rail section with head wear. Transition rails are fabricated from one rail section with the railhead planed or machined to conform to the worn rail section. Compromise transition rails are fabricated from two rail sections with a special forging joining the two rail sections. This forging occurs on the end of one of the two rail sections being joined.

    Transition and compromise transition rails are used to replace both compromise welds and bolted compromise joints.

  • Restraining Rails
    Restraining rails are used to improve vehicle curving performance, reduce the risk of a flange climb derailment and to control wheel and rail wear.

L.B. Foster Company can provide various designs of restraining rails. Common designs are U-69 and T-Rail.