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Insulated Joints

To place an order for any of our insulated rail joint products, please contact: 1-800-255-4500

With over thirty years of experience, L.B. Foster’s Allegheny Rail Products designs, manufacturers and supplies state-of-the-art insulated rail joints and associated products for domestic and international railway applications including polyencapsulated insulated TOUGHCOAT® joints, bonded insulated joint plug assemblies and bonded insulated joint kits. We have also introduced ENDURA-JOINT®, an ultra long life aramid insulated joint (see middle photo at left).

In addition to complete joint assemblies (epoxy bonded joint plugs) which are assembled in our shops, we also offer TOUGHCOAT kits and bonded insulated joint kits that are designed to be installed in the field.

Accessories are also available for your insulated joint needs. Polyurethane insulated joint tie plates are available in various sizes for different sections of rail. Insulated tie plates are designed to support insulated joints without compromising their high electrical resistance and are available in solid polyurethane or polyurethane coated steel.

We manufacture our products in compliance with the latest AREMA specifications and those of the respective freight railroads and transit systems. Our strategic locations in Niles, OH and Pueblo, CO are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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