LB Foster Rail Products


L.B. Foster provides a number of different trackwork products supplied from our facility in Niles, OH.

Turnouts can be supplied to AREMA, Industrial, and Class I Railroad Industrial standards in fully assembled panels or as components. We offer our panelized trackwork in rail sections ranging from 12-lb. to 175-lb. Once the turnouts are panelized, they are labeled and numbered for installation, packaged and shipped to the customer to maximize the ease of installation at the job site and to minimize customer costs. The turnout features a solidly constructed switch with heavy duty rods, adjustable side jaw clips, and a full gauge plate, and a solid manganese self guarded frog. Popular sizes of this turnout can usually be obtained from stock.

L.B. Foster offers a full array of accessories for sale as separate components. We can provide a full array of frogs, RBMI, SMSG and switch stands. L.B. Foster can also supply non-reinforced, single or double-reinforced switches designed specifically to carry light, moderate and heavy traffic. You can specify all individual components from fittings, switch rods, stands and replacement parts to complete switches with any selection of combination slide plates and braces, plain plates and accessories.

Frogs can either be furnished to AREMA and American Mining Congress specifications or modified to your specifications for industrial sidings and in plant trackage. All frogs are available with hook twin tie plates, flat Pandrol plates or without plates. Numerous designs of frogs and plating are available.

L.B. Foster can also supply transition rails used to safely connect two different rail sections. We can also provide various designs of restraining rails.

You can order from L.B. Foster turnouts and accessories for 12-lb. through 85-lb. rail in any gauge. Where portability of trackage is required, some light rail turnouts and parts can be pre-assembled to provide this feature.

Special trackwork is also available on L.B. Foster CXT® concrete ties for heavy and light haul applications and with our direct fixation fasteners for transit rail needs.

The convenience of single-source buying from L.B. Foster Company assures complete-package deliveries of every item needed, ready for installation. We can provide shipments of rail and trackwork in any gauge for:

  • Industrial Sidings
  • In-plant Trackage
  • Crane Runways
  • Mine Haulage Systems
  • Construction
  • Temporary Trackage

Please click here for a complete trackwork reference guide.PDF