LB Foster Rail Products

Transit Products

L.B. Foster Transit Products offer superior products and services globally for both heavy rail transit and light rail transit applications.

On the heavy rail side, L.B. Foster provides both bonded and non-bonded elastomeric direct fixation fasteners. Applications include turnouts and crossings, expansion joints, restraining rail and heavy haul applications. These fasteners offer the best noise and vibration dampening, electrical stray current resistance and ease of installation. Another offering is contact rail. L.B. Foster provides all three types of contact rail used globally, including traditional non-composite steel rail, aluminum rail and steel/aluminum composite rail. L.B. Foster can also provide contact rail accessories, including coverboards, coverboard brackets and contact rail appurtenances.

For light rail use, L.B. Foster offers rail boot systems and overhead conductor rail. When embedded in concrete, asphalt or other material, our rail boot system provides sufficient dynamic movement of the rail to protect the surrounding materials. Electrical isolation and noise and vibration mitigation is also provided. All installation materials can also be provided by L.B. Foster, including leveling beams for mounting and holding the rail in position for track embedment.

L.B. Foster Transit Products also provides a wide range of accessories including concrete inserts, end approaches, ballast mats and expansion joints.

Engineering and testing services can also be provided. The testing facilities at our Transit Products lab in Suwanee, GA are state-of-the-art and designed specifically for the transit and railroad industries. The laboratory’s expertly trained technicians can perform a number of tests, including static loading, structural fatigue, AC and DC electrical testing, and environmental simulations. This on-site lab allows us to speed up new product cycle times, getting the newly engineered products into the field more rapidly, less expensively and with even better product design.

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